I also like other things, by the way. . .

Hello, the Internet! I can only imagine how grateful, pleased, and replete you must be that I have now decided to start my very own blog!!

As in, not at all. . .

But, since multiple people have now told me I need to do this (mostly right after having eaten some of the food I’ve made), I figure I’ll try it out. It’s no skin off my nose. Maybe even someone other than me will even read this! Though my inner pessimist (i.e. Me) doesn’t think it’s all that likely.

No promises though – in the 28 years I’ve been alive, I’ve attempted journals several dozen times. And none lasted longer than two weeks (most barely lasted a few days, truth be told). Except the ones my teachers made me keep for various school-type purposes. Which don’t count. I’m just not much of a diarist. Hopefully this won’t just sit on the back burner for ages, and to which I’ll only post now and again. I might even develop a schedule of some kind to stick to for posting. Shock! Awe!!

I’m currently at work, so I don’t have any photos of the amazing foods I have recently created – be assured that I will eventually post them . . . And there are several other things I will be baking in the next week, so stay tuned!! All none-of-you who give a crap. . . Well, maybe eventually there will people who give a crap. Not that I’ll be holding my breath or anything. Also, I’ll be going through my massive iPhoto folders and see what old projects I have recorded to share with you, Posterity.


I guess I should take a moment right now and explain slightly what I want to do here, as well as a little of who I am. I’m a 28 year-old woman, who recently got her Masters degree in Information Studies (oooo!! ahhh!!!). Basically I’m a Librarian. Well, to be completely accurate, I am actually an Archivist. Look it up.

For some reason it has been hard to find good paying work in my field lately (Damn you, The Economy!). But I have recently gotten a government job in Records Management (the boring step-child of archives – it’s not that bad, really, I’m just bitter). It only lasts through the summer, so I hope I can find something more permanent soon. . . In the meantime, I’m learning the vagaries of having to deal with an actual, regular schedule, weekends that only last from Friday night to Monday morning, an ass of a commute, and too many things to do at once (suddenly). So why not add a blog to the mix?? The summer knelled an end to my regular singing schedule, so I have a little free time on my hands now. . .

As to the focus – I’ve been singing since I was 6 and baking since 8 (I told you how old I am, you can do the math on that). I’m not going to pretent I’m the most amazing, ever, at either activity, but I do have some talent which I love to share with the people who eat my food, and listen to the music I make with my singing compatriots. So, music and food are two very large and very important parts of my life – why not share that with you multitudes?

I’ll probably also be sharing other things from my life – books, movies, knitting, drawing – that take up a lot of my time. Things I create, things I attempt, things I find that are cool/awesome/ridiculous, things I want to share will all show up here, and hopefully with pretty pictures attached.

In short – I’ll be talking to myself at you, Dear Internet, and hopefully you will be (at least moderately) entertained.


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