This Week in Baking, part 2

I also made the chocolate soufflé cupcakes with white chocolate cream for a baseball/birthday party that was supposed to happen this afternoon. But with the crazy (and changeable) weather, people dropping out, etc., it was decided in the end to post-pone the game. 
So now I have a few dozen chocolate soufflé cupcakes sitting around, waiting to be delivered to the birthday boy. . .
But here are some pretty pictures to peruse!
whisking the chocolate
more whisking. . .
creaming the egg yolks and sugar
combining the two
so beautiful. . . sniff!
action shot!
whipping the whites
like, 5 seconds later
and 10 seconds after that. . .
adding the sugar
stiffish peaks
folding in the whites
pretty icebergs of whites in a
sea of chocolate goodness
all combined!
filling the paper thingies
messily. . .
mmmmmm. . .
whipping the white chocolate
mint cream. Also mmmm
I had to try one, with the cream (you spoon a nice amount into the little depression in the top of the cupcakes). . . Veeeeeeeerrrrrrryyyyyy tasty! I definitely recommend this recipe. I also learned that lactose-free whipping cream works exactly the same as regular whipping cream, and tastes just the same. Lactose-Intolerant Dairy-Product Lovers of the World Unite! In rejoicing!
And please, continue to ignore the crappy alignment – this is a template that apparently has no idea of how to deal with the idea of side-by-side photos. . . 
So, Dear Internet, want to try some cupcakes?

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