Stupid Mondays. . .

Okay, Dear Internet,  do you have any ideas on how to make Mondays not always suck?
While nothing majorly bad happened today, a serious of unfortunate events (mostly due to oversight/dumbitude on my part – and thanks to the boyfriend for that word. . .) have made my Monday not so awesome. Not that Mondays tend to be particularly amazing, but generally you don’t want to hide under your covers until it’s at least Thursday by the time you get home. Well, for me anyway – I can’t really speak for the bulk of humanity on that one.
First off, I tried another of those tasty cupcakes I made this passed Saturday, but this time I forgot to immediately consume Advil. I’d completely forgotten about the espresso powder that is in this recipe. And coffee products are the one thing (that I’ve come across, so far ) that give me migraines. Luckily the amount of espresso in each cupcake must be very minimal, nonetheless I spent the day fighting a different-than-usual terrible headache, wondering what had caused it. Duh.
Which means that I’m in no shape to go spinning tonight with my friend. Mope. And my phone just reminded me it was time to go to spin class. Thanks, phone. . . This is especially annoying because our schedules are so opposed this week that we won’t be able to meet up until after the long weekend. Which actually means that we won’t have been able to get a spin or body combat class in together for a couple weeks now . . . Oh well.
In addition, I went on a lovely long (over 4 hours) hike with the boyfriend yesterday afternoon – it was the perfect day for hiking, and I took a huge number of photos that I want to share with you, so I took back my camera finally. Completely forgetting that there is a second piece of equipment needed to actually put the images onto my computer. And that piece of equipment is still buried somewhere on the boyfriend’s desk. So no hike photos for you, The Internet. You’ll have to wait.
Nothing much else happened, especially since the headache caused an infernal listlessness that made motivating myself at work rather harder than usual. So my list of recipes-I-need-to-try has increased yet again (damn you, Smitten Kitchen!)
So here’s a picture of puppies I found on the internets. Cause puppies are always the answer.
source: Siberian Husky Dogs Canada

And now I want a puppy.


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