Why Friday? Why???

As an avid fan of procrastination, I’m finding it hard to get things going lately. Not that I’m shirking my work responsibilities, or having nice long naps in the afternoon.

Not that I’m not tempted, mind you.

I’m just feeling a bit blah/meh lately. I don’t think it’s the work – since I find it both interesting and rewarding. But something’s off. Maybe it’s my problem going to bed at a reasonable time (to get up for the loooooooong commute to work). Maybe it’s the recovery period after an amazing long weekend. Though I’ve been doing a lot of baking this week, and that’s been great. I dunno. Any ideas, The Internet?

Maybe it’s because my contract will be up in a few weeks and I don’t know what I’ll be doing after that. A bit too close to home I think.


But, well, this comic made me giggle, and the go “Awwww, dammit. That’s my life.” The boyfriend showed it to me a couple days ago, saying that it was like a biography of me.



(please excuse the lack of sourcing – I forget exactly where this came from. I’ll try to figure it out and add the source later.)

It’s not every day that you can feel schadenfreude towards yourself . . .

Have you laughed at yourself today, Dear Internet?


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