Newfoundland, part 2 – The Wind

I had a nice swim after work this afternoon (cough. two weeks ago now. cough), and a good browse session at the Gap (to avoid rush hour traffic. . .), so I’m definitely in a better mood today! Which hopefully will translate into being less of a whiny bitch. I can’t guarantee I won’t be a total sarcastabitch, cause that’s my default setting. At least the whine will be dialed waaaay down?

Onwards and upwards!! The first full day of my Newfoundland adventure will be the subject of this post. The day of the wind. We woke up (most of us from the most uncomfortable beds we had ever had the displeasure to sleep in . . .) the next morning to doors that would not stay shut from the drafts, and whistling winds, ominous groaning noises from the house, and trees that threatened to become horizontal (Mr. Dunn, our nigh-unto-incomprehensible neighbour, said that it was nothing. Only 130 km/h. I’m glad I didn’t see real wind then.) But we had a nice lazy Sunday, with big breakfast and some Arrested Development. We eventually decided to brave the wind (I had to get a few ingredients for a baking project I wanted to attempt. how surprising), and visit the nearest largeish village (with the closest Foodland), called Ferryland.

Ok. So, I’ve tried to upload the photos twice. . . I will take a wee break (read: two weeks and several other blog posts. . .).

And now that I’ve moved to WordPress, maybe this will go a bit easier. . .

Still some kinks to work out, but they’re all there, with a minimum of fuss – yay!!!

Next time I might even try to caption them.

But, the gist of it is – we went to the Colony of Avalon, in Ferryland. It’s one of the oldest and best preserved 17th century (or was it 16th. . .) sites in North America. In the mass o photos above, you can see some artifacts from the digs, pretty views of the archeological site, some photos of the 17th century kitchen where they do demonstrations, as well as from the little hike up the hill to the lighthouse. There’s also a photo of a windfarm we passed on the way back to our cottage. And some lupins that I went to pick with one of the guys. All in all a great day. Or so we thought. . . Dun dun Duuuuuunnnnn!!!!

We’d stopped at the Ferryland Foodland on our way to the Colony of Avalon, so I had every thing I needed to make my tasty baked goods. So after dinner (and some drinking. . .), I started preparing the dough and fillings. Partway through this very fun time, one of the guys came downstairs saying that the water in the washroom wasn’t running. At all.We took turns filling pots and bowls and going upstairs to fill the tub (so that we could have a semi-functional toilet at least).

There was much moping and gnashing of teeth. And a certain amount of desire to jump ship. But the next morning, Mr. Dunn came by and fixed the water pump and everything was hunky dorey from then on 🙂 yay!!!

Stay tuned for the next fun installment of My Trip to Newfoundland!!! I hope you’re enjoying the hijinks, Dear Internet.


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