So despondency gets you places

So, after my moan-fest yesterday afternoon, I actually got a call to do a phone interview for a position I applied to a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t want to make much of it, cause of the two years of lovely rejection, but it was definitely nice to feel a little desirable, in the gainful employment sense. Especially now that I’m officially about to be back in the job market.

I was nervous about the interview (as always – new people, speaking on the phone. . . Not a good combination), and all morning I was variously jittery and half-asleep (I don’t know how many hours of sleep I got last night, but it certainly was a lot less than my body wanted . . .).

But the interview seemed to go ok. I wasn’t overly self-deprecating, I was even kinda confident I think. We actually ended up talking for a bunch over the expected time. Well, we’ll see if I get a face-to-face interview.

The moral of the story, Dear Internet, is to mope and gripe and whine about stuff until things go your way! Wait, that doesn’t sound right. What about, be overly hard on yourself about factors almost completely out of your control? No? Hmmmmm. . .

Maybe the moral of the story is to go to bed early if you have something nerve-wracking to do the next day, and especially if you just had a killer spin class.

Or maybe there’s no moral. But I guess I’d say that if you’re going through a period where it feels like you’re going nowhere and nothing’s going your way, keep at it, try harder. Distract yourself occasionally with shiny objects, and then get back to it and work even harder. Cause maybe the douches always come in first, but second isn’t a particularly bad place to be 😉

And who knows? The odds here aren’t highly in favour of me getting the job, they never are. I could be back to square one in a week, which is very scary. But I have a lot of things to do, and maybe a break would be useful.

How’s that for attempting glass-half-full?

Though it’s probably more like, why is there a glass with some water in it sitting on the counter? Who’s water is that anyway?


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