Howdy, Stranger

Oh man, it’s been awhile since my last post. In all fairness though, I’ve been a little preoccupied. . .

Planning a trip, doing a bunch on interviews (wheeeeeee! potential gainful employment!!), unwinding, etc. and it just got left on the back burner. So much for the whole “I’ll totally finish uploading the Newfoundland photos before I’m off to PEI!!” Nope. That didn’t happen. . .


Well, I’m in beautiful PEI now, and it’s so far being a great vacation. I’ve been before, six years ago or so. But the boyfriend is from the island, and after a stop in Sao Paolo (yay film festival!) we decided to take a wee vacation out here on the east coast. Especially since his film also got into the Prince Edward Island Film Festival this coming weekend. Two birds, one stone. (the total Buffy nerd in me finishes that with “And you have yummy dead birds”, of course. . . )


Right now we’re on our way to a lobster supper (with all you can eat buckets of fresh PEI mussels!!!!!!!)!!!!!!!! And stopping at Dalvay by the Sea, at the old mansion-come-four-star-hotel for free Wi-Fi and a lovely roaring fire. The boyfriend’s father actually designed and project managed the construction of the new dining room they had added to the 19th century building about a decade ago.


What a lovely vacation 😀


(above are old photos of the original owner, his family, and the house in its original state, before the addition of the new dining room – the rich lived well back then, huh? Still do, of course. . . )