Acceptable Uses of Houndstooth

Yeah. Don’t like houndstooth. Especially if it’s printed and in stark black and white. Like this:

Fleece houndstooth? WTF??


(And don’t ask me why it was printed on fleece of all things. Houndstooth is a fairly conservative and dressy pattern. Fleece is the antithesis of dressy. WTF??) Other colour combinations are preferable. And proper woven houndstooth is the best option.

Anyway, I recently came across an acceptable use of houndstooth:

Current progress on the Teknika gloves

Nothing like non-standard colour choices to help me change my mind 🙂 Probably also the simplified design too. . .

You can find the pattern here, at If you’re a knitter, and don’t know about Knitty, you’re welcome!! There are actually a few great patterns in that issue, so check the rest of the issue out too! Nothing like freely available patterns, amirit?!? I’m also currently mid-progress on the Vines cardigan, from the Fall 2010 issue, in an excruciatingly gorgeous teal coloured yarn.

Sorry about the overly dark image. . .

It looks pretty navy here, but believe me – gorgeous! I also am mixing the teal wool with a lovely variegated blues and purples wool I found on etsy:

Looks MUCH blue-er in real life

And here’s the colour card for the teal yarn I’m using from the Berroco website. It’s actually (from my monitor anyway) pretty accurate to the real colour:

A photo on the web can't even come CLOSE to how gorgeous this colour is.

And before your start wondering why this blog is called “My life in food and music“, I’d like to share the last two baking projects of mine. That’s right! It’s time to see the final products of my Wine & Cheese baking!

Here are the Bourke Street Brownies, with the genius (if I do say so myself) substitution of dried cherries:

Definitely Sinful. . .

They’re at least twice as tasty as they appear in this photo. And they vanish quickly too, which makes me happy 😀  They’re almost entirely chocolate, so they’re definitely melt-in-your-mouth.

And here’s the phyllo appetizer I made:

The tasty innards mixture!

Phyllo might be an ass to work with, but it's sure worth it!

These also miraculously vanished at the speed of light. It’s quite simple too – sautée a bunch of sliced shallots with as much garlic as you like (lots, if you’re like me. . .), add roughly chopped mushrooms of whatever varieties you like (about a pound), then add a cup or so of white wine (whatever you like to drink), and cook covered for a few minutes. Take some sundried tomatoes you’ve soaked in hot water (to plump them up), chop them, and add to the mushrooms. Cook the mixture, stirring occasionally until the liquid has almost completely evaporated, but before the mixture has started to stick resolutely to the pan. Mix together with chopped parsley and basil (however much you like) and add a bunch of panko breadcrumbs and grated parmesan cheese, and season to your taste. Let it cool and then make it up like spanakopita (use the Smitten Kitchen’s recipe – works well for me. Though I use olive oil, instead of melted butter, as a nod to healthfulness. . .).

And, on the music side of things, I’ve been madly learning my part for a piece we’re going to sing in a couple of weeks:

(this is my first video post, so hopefully it works. . .)

I’ve been listening to this recording nearly nonstop for the last few days. Nope, not obsessed at all. Not me. Nuh uh. . .

We, obviously, won’t be having instrumentalists as it’s just us singers. But nevertheless it’s such a gorgeous piece and I’m beyond thrilled we’re going to attempt it!! We’re actually going to be rehearsing this coming Friday (also playing Catan!), looking at things for the Lenten season, and the ATB/TTBB stuff we’re going to sing on Ash Wednesday since our lovely soprano will be off in New York that week. We’ll also be looking at Ronan’s Tenebrae, which are liquid in their gorgeousness. Cannot wait!

I have a substandard Valentine’s Day planned – doctor’s appointments – and an interview on Wednesday to look forward to as well (I’m not at all nervous, why do you ask?), so the Love Day itself isn’t really on my radar. Plus, with the boyfriend’s insane schedule, it’s unlikely we’ll be able to spend time together tomorrow. . . Ah well, our anniversary is in a month, it’s not like Valentine’s has an enormous place in our hearts . . .

How about you, Dear Internet? Any chocolate-based plans for tomorrow?


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