Grapefruit for Breakfast

I’ve been thinking about resolutions and suchlike for the last little while. I’m about to embark on a fairly life-altering diet plan (life-altering in the sense that I’m doing this to alter my interaction with food in a big way). And I’m thinking about why I’m doing this.

I haven’t always been overweight, as a very young child I was pretty well regular sized. But marching into puberty (which we all remember with fondness and joy. . . Right. . .), kinda messed up my metabolism as it can for girls and I got heavier. I’ve never gotten really big, cause I’ve never been fully sedentary, but I’ve certainly always had issues with how many pounds I was carrying around with me. It didn’t help to have a grandmother who’d exclaim “Why you so fat?!?” at me every time she saw me. (of course. pots and kettles. I get my Eastern European farmer-peasant physique from her side of the family. if you know what I mean. . .).

I’ve worked through the psychological issues to some extent (I’m still not a fan of the terms “fat”, “chubby”, and “hefty”. but “zaftig” is a great one. so, I’m progressing), with occasional lapses. For instance, about a year and a half ago, I was getting pretty depressed about my unemployment which led to me kinda giving up on going to the gym regularly. Which then had the net effect of me balooning. Well, “balooning” is probably being overly dramatic, but that’s how it felt at the time. Nothing I owned fit right anymore, and I just got more and more discouraged. And it did end up affecting my relationship with the boyfriend a bit at the time (though our forthright relationship definitely helped in that respect). Plus, right around the same time, I got hosed by the CRA (the bastards. erm. maybe I shouldn’t say that on the Internet. . . Ah well.) so I had massive sudden financial woes too.

And I’ve always turned to food for comfort. Luckily, I mostly prefer the making of than eating of food, so I didn’t get really unfit. But I definitely had my fair share. And a bit extra.

But then I got my job last summer, and that’s led to a year of employment, so I’m in a better place financially. And I gave myself a kick in the ass and started swimming more again and going to the gym regularly. And it’s paid off, to some extent, and I’ve definitely worked off the majority of what I gained, and several inches gone has made my closet a friendlier place.

But. And there’s always a but. It seems, that once I was able to relax a little, my body decided that that was it. So I’ve been struggling with minor health issues for the last year or so. Some things have been there prior to this period, but they’ve intensified unpleasantly. And adding more exercise isn’t quite doing the whole trick. So, diet plan! Because, while I generally eat fairly healthily, I do still indulge cravings. Mostly in the carb department. So starting July 9th, I’m going to be trying out the Whole Living 2012 Healthy Living Action Plan thingy. Hopefully it’ll help me decipher what my body does and doesn’t want to be consuming, and I’ll also be able to think more thoroughly about my relationship with food and how I eat.

That’s not to say I’ll stop reading my favourite food blog, nor making the tasty treats she makes, but I’m probably going to be more conscientious about what I eat and the role it plays in my life.


This is all feeling like one big First World Problems, amiright? But I think a major problem, in North America especially, is our relationship with food. The amounts we eat, the amounts of unhealthy food we eat, the amount of food we waste, the lack of knowledge about where our food comes from and how to cook simple and healthy and tasty meals. I’m so lucky to be where I am, I have so many advantages that the majority of the human population will never see, and yet I have periods of boredom and self-centredness, and I’ve noticed that “the blahs” are starting to run my life. And I want to stop that in it’s tracks. I want to live life to the fullest, to the best of my abilities. And take charge of my health and well being.

Life is a huge gift, and I want to stop looking that gift horse in the mouth. And this is my way of kicking myself in the ass and getting to it, instead of talking about it endlessly.


So this week and next week, I’m going to go to the gym every day after work (yup, EVERY day. well, except for the holiday Monday coming up), I’m going to take the stairs (10 flights!) to work every day, and I’m going to start weaning myself off of the foods I’m going to be avoiding during the cleanse so that I”m ready to start. And I’m so excited! I’m not expecting an earth-shattering revelation, nor a total mind-body transformation. Cause that’s kind of dumb/hokey in my opinion. But I just can’t wait to feel excited when I wake up in the morning. To greet the day with energy instead of a groan and a roll over and a hit that snooze button 17 times. And this is one step to that end.


So I had a grapefruit for breakfast. And it was marvelous.


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