About Me

Somehow, I’ve ended up with an excess of words I want to share, but can never find the situation in which I might want to share them. I also love to talk about my food and music exploits, but my regular audience is rather bored with me. And threatening stabbings. Thus, blog.

And, while this was supposed to be a blog centred on food and music (could you tell from the title?), it’s kinda expanded quickly to cover a whole bunch of my interests. And my traveling. I’m hoping to be more focussed in the future, but. . . Ooooh, look!! Shiny!

And I guess I should tell you now, so you’re not surprised when it comes up – I am an _enormous_ nerd. About many things – knitting, baking, sewing, photography, art, cute things, cats and dogs, books (esp. Fantasy/sci-fi), the periodic table, etc. ad infinitum. So if you’re a nerd about some/many things too, welcome! If not, you’re welcome too, just don’t expect me to be “normal”. . .


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