My morning pet peeve

Whenever I stay over at the boyfriend’s place overnight on weekdays, I end up at one particular subway station with this damnable poster staring me in the face.


It might be the fact that it’s before 9am, it might be the fact that I’m by nature cynical, or it might be that this is one huge steaming pile of bulldunkle. But this, Dear Internet, seriously pisses me right the hell off.

Restore each other’s faith in humanity by _smiling_ at one another? Like that would do anything more than possibly lift one person’s day (marginally) at a time.

Because, with genocide, rape, third-world famine, the IMF, greed, war, child abuse, social stigmatization of women (in pretty much all cultures. We may have come a long way, baby, but there’s still this huge, long, bumpy, sabotaged road ahead), self-centeredness as a cultural phenomenon, apathy, tyrants, violent cults, the stigmatization of sex, female circumcision, injustice, the disappeared, the Holocaust, first world waste, rampant pollution, homophobia, the environmental crisis, the Tea Party, the Inquisition, the Crusades, residential schools in Canada, the marginalization of native communities, Fox News, large corporation’s governmental subsidies (especially when the corporations never contribute to the societies that are buoying them up and allowing for their massive profit margins), credit cards, I can’t imagine any one smile is going to have the power to negate these and the many other evils that exist.

I don’t think a smile is going to cut it.

Not for me anyway.

(And before any of you get up in arms about the items on my list and/or the order in which they’re placed, you should know that I wrote them down as they randomly came to me, and these are things with which I specifically have deep issues. You can disagree, that’s your prerogative. Just don’t expect me change my opinion because of yours. That’s my prerogative. If you get nasty, your comments will be deleted. Fill your own blog with your opinion, that’s what it’s there for. Rational commentary will be considered on a case by case basis.)


Just by the way. . .

I’m sorry to say this, Dear Internet, but I cooked a very tasty meal of two new recipes for me (waaaaaayyyyy too late – i.e. I’m still eating it. . .) this evening, and while busy with the task I neglected to take any photos. But, in my defense, I’ve been awake since 6 AM, I have eaten very little today, and I went to spin class after work (for the first time in a while – I’ve been mostly swimming after work lately). So the hunger, it had to be obeyed.

I can say that they were both (surprise surprise) from Smitten Kitchen’s archives. I’m pretty sure that I’m seriously addicted to that blog now. You might need to stage an intervention to save me from myself. (INTERVENTION!! INTERVENTION!!! Please tell me you get that joke, The Internet. . .) Check out the recipes – I definitely recommend you try them!

And I will be relishing the left-overs, that’s for sure ­čÖé

I did make a few changes, of course, to suit my own peculiar tastes – I added jalape├▒o to both, as well as apple and lime (zest and juice – ┬áthe Flavour Gods, they demand it) to the slaw; I used honey and grainy mustard in the slaw dressing, and only used 1 cup of mayo; I used cumin and an Italian herb mix instead of just thyme, and added a few cloves of garlic for depth of flavour. Also, going to the 24-hour market made the choices of produce rather slim and I had to use baby spinach instead of escarole (soooo tasty!) and red kidney beans instead of white.┬á

I’m definitely looking forward to attempting these recipes again sometime, and playing some more with the flavours. Especially if I can go grocery shopping at an intelligent time and thus can go to a store that has more than four aisles.

Well, my barley risotto is finally an eatable temperature, so I’m going to finish my dinner and go to bed.┬á

I hope you had a lovely day, Dear Internet. Did you try anything new today?