Lovely Long August Weekend

A couple of weekends ago was Canada’s Simcoe/Civic holiday long weekend. And, boy, was I looking forward to it. I spent the entire week before aching for it to be Friday, 3 pm. I went up to my friend’s cottage (our Wednesday night Baritone), and stayed for three glorious days.

It was serene. I got to sleep in until after 9 am (very exciting). We ate lovely food (loooooots of spinach) and spent hours in the lake. It was a little slice of heaven. I even got a bit of colour – very surprising since I’ve pretty much never tanned in my life, ever. Though it’s mostly sunburn and freckles. Us pale people have to take what we can get, I guess.

I only wish the boyfriend could have come too, but he was at a bachelor party white water rafting experience thing (with spa treatments, of course). Ah well, there’s always next time.

The bride’s bachelorette was this past Friday night, as previously discussed (soooooo much fun! and the food went over pretty well, though my tasty cupcakes went uneaten 😦   well, I enjoyed them at least), and in just a week, they’ll be married!! Soooooo exciting! And you’ll get to see the dress I had made.

Aren’t long weekends the best, Dear Internet?


Just by the way. . .

I’m sorry to say this, Dear Internet, but I cooked a very tasty meal of two new recipes for me (waaaaaayyyyy too late – i.e. I’m still eating it. . .) this evening, and while busy with the task I neglected to take any photos. But, in my defense, I’ve been awake since 6 AM, I have eaten very little today, and I went to spin class after work (for the first time in a while – I’ve been mostly swimming after work lately). So the hunger, it had to be obeyed.

I can say that they were both (surprise surprise) from Smitten Kitchen’s archives. I’m pretty sure that I’m seriously addicted to that blog now. You might need to stage an intervention to save me from myself. (INTERVENTION!! INTERVENTION!!! Please tell me you get that joke, The Internet. . .) Check out the recipes – I definitely recommend you try them!

And I will be relishing the left-overs, that’s for sure 🙂

I did make a few changes, of course, to suit my own peculiar tastes – I added jalapeño to both, as well as apple and lime (zest and juice –  the Flavour Gods, they demand it) to the slaw; I used honey and grainy mustard in the slaw dressing, and only used 1 cup of mayo; I used cumin and an Italian herb mix instead of just thyme, and added a few cloves of garlic for depth of flavour. Also, going to the 24-hour market made the choices of produce rather slim and I had to use baby spinach instead of escarole (soooo tasty!) and red kidney beans instead of white. 

I’m definitely looking forward to attempting these recipes again sometime, and playing some more with the flavours. Especially if I can go grocery shopping at an intelligent time and thus can go to a store that has more than four aisles.

Well, my barley risotto is finally an eatable temperature, so I’m going to finish my dinner and go to bed. 

I hope you had a lovely day, Dear Internet. Did you try anything new today?